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After paying for the goods, you will INSTANTLY receive a guide for obtaining World of Tanks: The Big Catch Six awards to choose from of which only two are allowed to receive. Here everything is the same: 4 premium tanks of 6-8 levels, national equipment and several tasks for x5 experience for a victory. PT 8 lvl - T-103 (USSR) CT 8 lvl - M4A1 Revalorise (France) PT 7 lvl - SU-122-44 (USSR) TT 6 lvl - Heavy Tank VI (Japan) 10 Soviet additional rations 5 pieces of BZ х5 (for victorious battles) Any premium from the set is rental (for 10 days). To get permanent, you can redeem through the Wargaming store. Each tank has a discount: T-103 - 15%, M4A1 Rev - 15%, SU-122-44 - 20%, HT VI - 30% Buns of the "Guaranteed" category in the 24 set are very scarce. The maximum that can be called useful, boosts for x5 and probably a premium tank account. Inscriptions "Well, let's go fishing" - 6 pcs. Emblems "Bite!" - 3 pcs. Renewed medal "Honored Fisherman" Prem account - 24 hours XP multiplier x5 (only for victories) - 20 pcs. Large first aid kit - 10 pcs. Large repair kit - 10 pcs. Automatic fire extinguisher - 10 pcs.

04.04.2021 18:13

Всё отлично

14.03.2021 21:37

Все четко, плюшки в игре начислили.

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06.03.2021 16:27

Спасибо как всегда все в лучшем виде)

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02.03.2021 08:22

продавец не отвечает уже 14 часов, пришел пароль уже от активированного акк. Продавец заменил почту все хорошо работает получил все

28.02.2021 18:23

Как всегда все отлично работает!

26.02.2021 20:16

все супер спасибо!

22.02.2021 10:45

Спасибо большое что не обнавываете на товаре!!!

21.02.2021 16:59

Быстро и вкусно)